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Cost to You:

Nothing! Any compensation given to an agent is recognized by the builder as a marketing fee and has no impact on the final cost of the home.  Builders market extesively to agents in recognition of their link to qualified buyers.  However, we have encountered unscrupulous sales people who tell visitors that being represented will affect the final price because they want you unrepresented - do not believe them! Should you visit a builder without your agent, DO NOT SIGN IN. If you sign in without your agent, builders view this as your decision to be self-represented. If you like the homes and want to find out more, simply bring your agent back with you and sign in then. This will also keep the builder from adding you to their marketing campaigns.  If you are thinking of visiting local model homes, don't hesitate to contact us first to ask about protocol and what to expect.


Savings to You:

Are you getting what you're entitled to have ... both in quality and value? Your experienced agent knows what you should receive and what "extras" might be available. Most people assume that the builder's offer is the best deal available. That is often not true! We visit these offices regularly for all our clients and we often have the inside track on what will make a great deal. Many times we are even on their "first call" list when homes fall out of escrow and builders are motivated to make a superb deal to move a property fast.  In addition, Guidant Realty knows how to get data most agents don't - actual sales records by model so we have a good indication of how much the builder is really willing to deal!  We have caught more than one builder salesperson off guard with this information and this alone makes us a crucial team member.


Resale...Appreciation & Profit:

Give your investment the best opportunity for appreciation at resale. Questions concerning site location, builder, design and decor are important. Guidant Realty knows you are building not only for today ... but for tomorrow. Let us use our experience to help you build a brighter future.


Keep Your Interests in Front:

With Guidant Realty, YOU are represented! There are a number of areas where builders make extra money because buyers simply do not know that other options exist. Also, builders have you use their forms for a reason - they are heavily skewed to their own interests. Our experience, knowledge, and reputation represents strength and leverage on your behalf. Let us do the work on those difficult topics and make sure you do not unknowingly sign important rights away or miss your opportunity to exercise critical rights!


Examples to Consider:

  • One client was asked to sign a contract extension due to builder construction delays. They called us as their representative, prepared to sign, and did not realize the extension document they were given cited the buyers as the cause of delay and referenced a clause in the original contract allowing the builder to charge them $200 per day for the 45 day tardiness of the builder.  Without us to review this document and force the builder to write a proper addendum, they would have signed this document and given away critical and costly rights!
  • Another client wanted to waive their inspection rights rather than pay the $450 independent inspection fee. After much discussion, they finally had the independent inspection done. Results showed a joist directly over the master bedroom (and where their bed was going) was completely splintered through. It had not been repaired to code by the builder until we made the request and could have resulted in a horrible accident.
  • A third client who we represented on their resale had originally bought their home new and it was out of warranty at the time of resale. They never had an independent inspection when they purchased the home. The buyers' inspection showed a support webbing in the attic was compromised and it looked like mounting the HVAC at the time of construction had caused the issue. Since it had not been identified within the warranty period, our client had to pay a $400 engineering fee to identify an appropriate repair and $175 for the actual repair which was luckily in an easy spot to access since escrow was under short timelines.
  • Unfortunately, we receive calls on a regular basis from friends or family of previous clients who chose not to use an agent with new construction. Their issues vary, but are always tied to the original contract they signed. Rarely can we do more than explain that they are stuck with the specific issue they have because they signed the original contract and did not anticipate the potential issues that could arise.

Don't let this happen to you, especially when our services are free to buyers - Contact Us to find out more!