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Free Services that Save Time!

While we have a host of specific marketing and process tools that would define why you would want to use Guidant Realty for a trusted transaction, this page is dedicated to those services worth using all the time.


What Works: Guidant Realty leverages technology to save you time and effort. In addition to a Custom Market Analysis, we offer the following targetted services free of charge:


Automated Property Listings: It takes only a few minutes to enter your criteria into the MLS source database (not a 3rd party data feed). Several times a day, the system will check to see if any properties that meet your criteria have come to market, changed price or status, or been removed from the active market. We can alter or adjust the criteria at any time, enter multiple searches, and enable you to add your own searches for:

  • Homeowners to track equity based on local activity
  • Sellers to identify the right time to go to market
  • Sellers to track neighborhood competition
  • Buyers to see new listings or price drops as soon as they happen

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MLS Portal: The MLS Portal is a property-management tool that allows you to organize listings that meet your criteria. No need to write down addresses of promising listings or keep a separate binder of notes. It allows you to:

  • Add your own searches
  • Manage your own "property cart" including saving favorites for quick access and rejecting poor matches from ongoing searches
  • Make notes on individual properties
  • Enable notes to come to us which can include questions, follow-up, and viewing requests

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Distressed Property Searches
 Whether you have decided that you want to specifically target bank-owned properties or simply see what is occurring in your neighborhood, Guidant offers the following distressed property quick-lookup tool:

The bottom line is that with our services, you will have information that is important to you, funnelled directly to you - no sifting the entire homes database for hours to stay informed.